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Vertical 7

Vertical-7 is a Bulgarian private company specialized in print advertising and backed by a solid experience of over 15 years with thousands of projects completed.

The company's portfolio includes hundreds of SMEs and scores of large corporate customers as well as six awards for graphical design and print advertising.

Vertical-7 is a print adverting agency with over 15 years of history. The company was established back in 1992 by a team of seven young enthusiasts (wherefrom the number "7" in its name origniates) and since the very beginning remained closely linked to print advertising. In the initial years following the set-up, trade used to be a major element of the company's commercial activities (import and wholesale of envelopes and office paper from Finland). After 1996, however, the company focused entirely on graphical design, pre-print and print services and ever since has been working on expanding and developing the scope of these operations by introducing new technological solutions, products and services in the area of print advertising.

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Vertical 7
Vertical 7